I am a Medicare beneficiary. What does this mean for coverage and why do I have to sign the Medicare Agreement?

Parsley Health medical providers are opted out of Medicare. The Medicare Agreement is required by all Parsley members and acknowledges that you agree not to submit a claim, or to ask your provider to submit a claim, to Medicare.

Though our providers have opted out, they do have order and refer privileges, which means they are still able to place lab orders and recommend referrals using your insurance plan. 

Please know that your medical team can support you in navigating testing and cost. 

  • Membership Reimbursement: Because Parsley Health providers are opted out of Medicare, we are unable to support claims or reimbursement for visits. Your membership fee is an out-of-pocket expense that can't be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.
  • Testing: Though our providers have opted out of Medicare, they are able to order and refer testing for Medicare members. This means we can still place lab orders, and you should be able to receive partial insurance coverage.
  • Additional Testing Alternatives: If you'd like to complete testing through your primary care physician (PCP), we'd be happy to facilitate that with your PCP’s support. Your Parsley provider may request a few "non-routine" markers that your PCP may not be comfortable ordering for you, but we can always adjust the order to something your PCP is comfortable with and order the remaining tests through another lab. If you are looking for a more upfront testing estimate, we also can work with an out-of-network lab called Vibrant America to coordinate your testing. This lab does not accept insurance and can run the majority of the testing our clinicians recommend. Once we have your provider’s testing recommendations, a Parsley care manager can support you with understanding the cost, which typically runs for $200-$300 through Vibrant.
  • Did you know that Parsley Health offers virtual primary care? As a member, you have the option of accessing your healthcare all in one place with your Parsley medical provider as your virtual PCP. Learn more. 

Please note that if you don’t sign our Medicare Agreement, Parsley Health is unable to provide you with services. 

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