What are the costs associated with advanced specialty testing?

At Parsley, your testing options go far beyond the basic blood panel you might receive at a typical primary care physician’s office. As well as offering comprehensive blood testing (which can be completed at a local lab facility, such as Quest, LabCorp, or BioReference, or even from your home), we also offer specialty tests, which assess for allergies, cortisol levels, genetics, microbiome health, and toxic metal levels, and which could include saliva, urine, and stool testing.

The majority of specialty testing is billed directly to you as an individual rather than through insurance. However, many of these tests can be submitted for out-of-network reimbursement or paid for using FSA/HSA funds. Since this testing does not typically go through insurance, your medical team can provide you with these upfront costs and guide you on how to submit for reimbursement. Specialized tests are optional and not typically covered by insurance. Specialty tests generally range between $100-$400.

If these don’t fit into your budget, don’t worry. Your medical team will work with you to customize your health plan based on your needs. Their recommendations are always rooted in what is best for your health; your providers are not incentivized to order these tests.

If you have a corporate wellness plan that does cover these services, we can provide you with an invoice for reimbursement.

If a test kit is sent from a Parsley Health Center, a $10 shipping fee will be incurred to your preferred payment method on file.

If you would like to learn more about confirming coverage with your insurance, click here

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