How do I confirm coverage with my insurance?

To learn more about how to better understand your coverage before moving forward with testing, we recommend speaking with a representative from your plan directly. To find out which lab is in-network with your plan, you can either call the Member Service’s number printed on your insurance card, or log in to your insurance provider’s member portal to find out which labs are preferred in your plan, such as Quest, LabCorp, or BioReference.

Depending on your coinsurance and deductible lab testing sometimes requires a co-pay or out-of-pocket fee. Coverage can also depend on your specific insurance plan, diagnoses, and whether the lab is in-network. If you’d like to better understand coverage before testing, we recommend speaking with a representative from your plan directly as many member’s find it helpful to ask a few of the following questions: 

  • What percentage of in-network diagnostic laboratory services are covered by my plan?
  • I’m working with an out-of-network provider, do I have out-of-network lab coverage?
  • What is my preferred in-network lab provider? Can I complete testing at BioReference, Quest, or LabCorp?
  • What is my current deductible status?
  • What coverage can I expect for the following testing? Ask your Care Team for a CPT document for your specific lab order, which will include both the billable CPT and ICD-10 diagnosis codes associated with your order. By providing these codes, a representative will be able to advise which tests are eligible for coverage based on your plan. Upon request, this CPT document will be uploaded to your My Parsley Health portal under the “Labs'' section labeled accordingly.
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