How can I order the supplements that my clinician recommended?

Your clinician will work with you to prescribe supplements and vitamins for your own personalized health plan. There are 2 places where you can find supplements that your clinician has recommended.

  1. Fullscript (linked here)
    1. Your clinician may have ordered supplements through Fullscript, our online supplement dispensary. Fullscript will send you an email with these recommendations, the subject reading "Parsley Health has invited you to join Fullscript."

Once you have accepted this invitation you will be redirected to the Fullscript website where you can set up an account. Your supplement recommendations will be waiting for you within this account. They will be found on the home page or under 'Recommendations' and 'My Plan' (see photo below for reference). Please follow the instructions to input payment and shipping information. In the future, you can always re-order any supplements you've ordered in the past by clicking on "Past Prescriptions". 

  1. Parsley Store (linked here)
    1. If you are purchasing Parsley supplements from our store, you will receive 20% member discount. Please check your inbox for an email from for account set up instructions. If you are unable to find this email then please register for a store account using the same e-mail associated with your membership.
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