Is the in-network membership the same as a regular membership?

Our In-Network Membership offers the same features as our regular memberships, but offers a lower monthly membership fee and coordinates with your insurance for medical visits. So what does this mean?
  • 5 Medical Visits- two 60-minute visits and three 30-minute visits (as well as follow up appointments as necessary)
  • 5 Health Coach Visits- one 45-minute visit and four 30-minute visits
  • Personalized health plan
  • Access to advanced testing analysis
  • Health coach visits are covered by your $69/month membership fee
  • Medical visits with your Parsley clinician will be billed to your insurance; your financial responsibility for the visits will be determined by your specific insurance plan
Please note that your $69/month membership feel does  not include your medical visits. All medical visits will be billed to your insurance plan and subject to your plan details. Should your plan require that you meet your in-network deductible, your financial responsibility will be determined by that. We recommend calling your insurance provider directly to find out more regarding deductibles.
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