What do I need to know about diagnostic testing at Parsley Health?

Testing through traditional healthcare is often very limited. Your medical team will use their in-depth knowledge of your health to advise on advanced specialty tests to get to the bottom of your symptoms. From there, they design a holistic health plan that’s personalized to your needs and goals.

We’ll work with you to select tests that fit your health goals, insurance, and budget. During your first visit with your clinician, you’ll spend time exploring your health goals and reviewing testing options together. This may include blood work, at-home advanced specialty testing, or a combination of the two. We recommend you complete blood work at least two weeks ahead of your next follow-up visit with your Parsley clinician.

Please reach out to your care manager (click "Contact Us" at the top of this page to send a message) with any questions on how and when to complete your doctor’s specific recommendations.

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