I had filled out my medical questionnaires, but I'd like to change some answers and resubmit. How do I do this?

At the moment, the My Parsley Health portal unfortunately does not allow members to access questionnaires that have already been submitted.  To fill out and submit a new questionnaire, click on “My Health” and “Questionnaires” in the main navigation bar.

On the questionnaires page, you can select the new questionnaire you would like to begin filling out and re-submit to your Care team. 
Please note that all questionnaires on the My Parsley Health portal automatically save upon each entry you enter.  So, if you would like to continue completing your questionnaire at another time, you may do so without having to manually save or submit the questionnaire.  You can simply leave the questionnaire and return back to where you left off whenever you please. Submit it when it is absolutely ready to be sent to your Care team for review.
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