Can I complete testing from my external doctor at Parsley’s lab?

We recommend that you complete any lab or specialty testing at the office of the doctor who is ordering the tests. This ensures that your results are delivered to your ordering doctor without delay, and can ensure your insurance is billed properly for the appropriate services.

Under special circumstances, however, our in-center lab team can complete testing on behalf of your external provider to avoid the need for multiple lab visits. For any external specialty test kits requiring a blood draw, your medical team needs to be notified in advance to ensure we have the appropriate processing and handling resources.

Please send a copy of your external lab or specialty order requisition to your Parsley medical team (click on "Contact US" at the top of this page to reach us) at least 48 hours in advance. 

There will be an additional service fee of $35 for coordinating external testing, which will be charged at the time of your lab visit.

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