I am currently on the Free Trial. Is there a way to see a doctor sooner?

Yes! If you are looking to work with a doctor sooner, you have the opportunity to move into Complete Care, our 12 month plan.

Within this Complete Care membership you will meet with a doctor first to go over your comprehensive intake forms and establish a plan for your health concerns and goals. The Complete Care membership is inclusive of 5 doctor visits and 5 health coaching visits and is $175/month or $1,850 upfront. If for any reason after the first visit you’re unhappy, you are only responsible for covering the cost of the visit. You can read more details here.

How do I move into Complete Care if I’m ready to see a doctor?

Go to your MyParsley account and you can end your Free Trial. From there you’ll then be taken to a page where you can “renew” your plan and start Complete Care, our 12 month plan instead. Your doctor’s visit is just a few clicks away!

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